Olivia Scott

SOFTBALL | Ranked #2 Pitcher in New Brunswick with 58 mph Fastball

Olivia Scott

SOFTBALL | Ranked #2 Pitcher in New Brunswick with 58 mph Fastball








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Pitcher & Infielder



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currently on a team

KV Dynamite

team name

New Brunswick AAA Under 19

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I am a dedicated and coachable player who is passionate about the game of softball and gives 100% all the time. As a pitcher, the moment I step onto the field I'm in a zone and become determined to get the job done. I never allow myself to look ahead and always focus on the batter one pitch at a time. I've been known to rise to the occasion and have pitched in some extremely stressful situations where I remained mentally strong. My outstanding work ethic on and off the field along with my positive attitude makes me a great team player and a strong leader. Playing softball at a highly competitive level has always been a goal of mine and I would love to have the opportunity to make this dream happen.




Hit Grand Slam

Hit a grand slam at 2018 provincials

6 Time Provincial Champion

4-time Provincial League Champion
2-time Provincial Champion for High School AAA team

Pitched a Perfect Game

Pitched a perfect Game at Amanda Flanagan Tournament

Coach Testimonial

Olivia is a very reliable pitcher and cool under pressure. She consistently hits her spots and can be counted on to get the outs, allowing very few batters to reach first with a walk. Her mental toughness is definitely an asset. She is a strong leader among her teammates and demonstrates an outstanding work ethic during practices and games. She is 100% committed and is extremely coachable.

Rob Scott

506-657-0007 rob@robscottins.com


High School

Kennebecasis Valley High School

Graduation year: 2020

GPA: 3.4

SAT: Not Taken

ACT: Not Taken